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Document Management
How Does Your Nation Store Its Documents?

Centralized, Secure, Electronic Document StorageBusiness Continuity
DoculinX™ is a centralized electronic document filing cabinet for the storage of both financial and non-financial documents.

DoculinX™ provides authorized users a secure access to stored documents, allowing authorized users to upload, modify and view critical documents on-the-go. DoculinX™ also allows users to quickly link documents directly to transactions through various modules within the Xyntax System.

DoculinX™ is the second part of a three part comprehensive business continuity solution. Coupled with to Xyntax’s Remote Backup Service your documentation in addition to your financial data can be ‘backed up’ nightly and stored off-site as an optimal disaster recovery solution.

Key Benefits

Centralized Repository for Entire First Nation---Store unlimited amounts of financial and non-financial documentation to a central online repository which is easily searched and accessed by employees across your organization.

Secured Storage---User access to document filing can be controlled through multilevel security settings to ensure government agencies, auditors and staff have appropriate access to specific “filing cabinets”. Safe and secure space saving document storage devoid of water damage or other elements

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