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Xyntax General Ledger
Eliminate Time Consuming Reconciliation of Clearing Accounts.

Integrated Financials
The Xyntax® General Ledger (XyntaxGL™) module is the financial 'core' of your Xyntax Financial Management System, and is uniquely designed to enable extensive flexibility, scalability, and most of all, accountability, between one or more entities.

Unlike other accounting software, Xyntax uses innovative, inter-module integration to automatically manage, all transactional details relating to a First Nation's assets, liabilities, equity, revenues, and expenditures; in real-time.

While many accounting packages have not, or simply cannot take this innovative approach to general ledger design, Xyntax was built to be different.

If your current accounting software is defining "integration" as exporting or "batching" from module to module, that’s not true integration, that’s extra work.

- Dwayne R. Lewis, President & CEO, Xyntax Systems

Utilizing these innovative integration algorithms, Xyntax centralizes your financial data by automating the reconciliation process between the sub-ledgers, providing you with greater insight into your Nation’s fiscal position whether it be on a weekly, monthly, year-to-date or year-over-year basis.

Designed to reduce redundant data, and eliminate time-consuming import/export routines, Xyntax saves you time, and money, period.

Highlighted Features
Flexible Account and Sub-account Structure
Xyntax allows you to accommodate any size of Nation. Capable of handling up to 10,000 entities simultaneously, and up to 1000 departments per entity, your Nation will have all the room you'll need to grow and expand.

No More Reconciliation Required
No more importing/exporting routines. No more redundant data entry. No more wondering if something has been “updated”. And no more time consuming reconciliation of clearing accounts just to get the reports you need.

Consolidated Financials in Real Time
Run consolidated financial statements across multiple entities, simultaneously, in real time —and without lengthy batch processes.

Unlimited History
With an unlimited number of years of general ledger, and transaction history, comparative historical reports can be run showing actuals, and budgetary amounts, regardless of the fiscal period.

Comprehensive Audit Trail
Xyntax provides a complete audit trail of all journal transactions. By keeping the details of all journals, including the user who entered the journal, when they did it and who they did it to, the auditing process is simplified even further by adding comments as well as supporting electronic documents attached directly to the journals themselves.

Features & Benefits
  •  Integrated with all Xyntax subsidiary ledgers and modules (AP, AR, CD, PR, PO, SA, PSE, CW, PT, CHRM).
  •  'Drill down' feature shows originating entries from general ledger or sub-ledger journals.
  •  Post across companies or departments based on user security settings..
  •  Custom reporting formats for specific users (i.e. Manager or Department Heads).
  •  Produce individual or consolidated financial statements across companies and/or departments.
  •   No mandatory month end or year-end procedures.
  •  No reconciliation of clearing accounts required.
  •  Unlimited General Ledger history retention, including transaction detail.
  •  Utilize DoculinX™ to attach, scanned electronic documents directly to financial transactions within your General Ledger (i.e., Funding Agreements, Band Council Resolutions, etc.).

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