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Integrated Financial Management Solutions for First Nations.
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Xyntax Accounts Receivable
Track Member Loans, Housing Revenue and Funding Transfers.

Integrated Receivables
A steady cash flow is vital for any business and improving your business’ bottom line is easy when you have control of your accounts receivables.

Xyntax® Accounts Receivable (XyntaxAR™) module helps First Nations track negligent and overdue accounts using real-time, up-to-date information. With XyntaxAR™, band administrators and housing managers can quickly see what’s been received, or what’s overdue, with a press of a button. XyntaxAR helps your organization better manage cash flow by providing you with the financial management tools necessary to quickly and accurately analyze customers’ accounts. Designed for First Nations, XyntaxAR allows you to track membership billings as well as regular accounts receivables.

XyntaxAR™ is a fully functioning receivable management system that improves cash flow, tracks negligent accounts and provides real time information when you need it. This module is completely integrated with the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Community Database, Payroll and Income Assistance.

Highlighted Features
Recurring Invoices
Recurring invoices can be quickly generated in batches, eliminating the need to manually create each invoice.

Bad Debt Write-off
Integration with Xyntax® General Ledger means overdue or past due accounts determined to be uncollectable may be written off by creating the appropriate bad debt expense entry through XyntaxAR.

Issued Refunds Payments from Accounts Receivable
Integration with Xyntax® Accounts Payable means customer refunds processed in XyntaxAR can be transferred to accounts payable automatically without having to consult with the finance clerk.

Features & Benefits
  •  Fully integrated with all applicable Xyntax modules.
  •  Track up to 65 different receivables per Company.
  •  Generate recurring monthly AR Invoices and Payments.
  •  Assign multiple payments to a single invoice or a single payment to multiple invoices.
  •  Produce AR Invoices, Receipts and Statements with your Nation’s logo.
  •  Achieve healthier cash flows by shortening invoicing and payment cycles.
  •  Gain real-time visibility into customer histories, aging balances, and more with customizable reports.
  •  Reduces time, effort and aggravation in processing accounts receivables.
  •  Facilitates informed Accounts Receivable decisions!
  •  Utilize DoculinX™ to attach, scanned electronic documents directly to invoices and payments through Accounts Receivable (i.e., funding agreements, quotes, proposals, tenancy agreements, etc.).

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Supported Operating System(s):
Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) or Newer.

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