Customer Focused

Xyntax clients are at the heart of all our business decisions. Everything we do centres on the question, “How will this affect our customers?” That’s why we have such a high customer satisfaction rating of any First Nations dedicated software manufacturer.

Have a say in Xyntax.

Our customers play a huge role in the development of our products. Many participate in Xyntax Customer Advisory Board sessions, where they vote on new capabilities and functionality they would like to see in Xyntax. Each major update contains a large number of features that come directly from customer suggestions. This means you have a voice and can influence the direction of Xyntax software applications.


Everyone’s on the same page.

A single version of Xyntax exists across all customers. With every customer on the same version of Xyntax, every customer's input moves the product forward for the good of everyone else. No customer is left behind when Xyntax is updated. It's the power of one—one code line, one version, and one customer community—that allows customers to share ideas and best practices with each other.



Simpler (Integration)

Simple. Intuitive. And built for the future.

Difficult to use. Impossible to love. Why is business software such a pain? Shouldn’t software applications be as simple to use as the Internet? Why can’t they be visually appealing and easy to maintain? And why can’t they help you do your job more efficiently? Enter Xyntax. Our financial management software is simple, intuitive, and built for next-generation software revolutions.


Designed for the way you work.

Simple. Intuitive. No expertise required to accomplish a task quickly. These are the guiding design principles for Xyntax. We believe that enterprise applications should deeply engage people, not just solve business problems. That’s why Xyntax works like your favourite consumer website. It offers a delightful, informative, and pure user experience whether you’re on a desktop, tablet, or a mobile device. In fact, we believe mobile is a native part of the user experience and shouldn’t cost extra.


No more disruptive, complex upgrades.

Moving to a new release of business software can be a daunting and risky initiative. Work disruption, downtime, cost, and difficult customizations top the list of concerns when upgrading. Xyntax removes this burden altogether. With Xyntax, you’re always on the most recent version. As we roll out new versions, your data automatically converts to the latest release. Also, all new capabilities come turned off, so you can adopt them on your timeline. This dramatically reduces the cost and effort of updates/upgrades and allows your IT staff to focus on projects that drive your organization forward.


Less complexity to manage.

Other options on the market are often assembled from a variety of acquisitions and must be integrated to work together. The types of usage patterns that can be supported are restricted by what the integration can do. Xyntax's unified platform approach removes this complexity, eliminating the need for separate application and data integration infrastructure between applications. You can seamlessly share all data between Xyntax modules and easily navigate between different areas of the system as your needs demand.




Because speed wins.

In today’s frenetic marketplace, staying ahead of the business curve is now a matter of survival. To thrive in this increasingly turbulent environment, your company must be able to accommodate rapid business change. Fortunately, Xyntax’s technology innovation is racing forward in constant pursuit of what’s possible—and what’s expected.

Change at the speed of business.

Like many consumer applications, Xyntax embraces a single code line and continuous development model. This means Xyntax develops on the same code line that our customers are on, which allows us to roll out weekly builds. With continuous development, we can respond quickly to customer requests, allowing you to take advantage of innovations much faster than the traditional, complicated upgrade process.

Empower the business.

Have you tried customizing your old ERP system to meet your business needs, only to find yourself trapped in an expensive, inflexible solution? Fortunately, there is a better way. Xyntax offers the utmost flexibility to tailor applications to the unique aspects of your business. It allows business users to define and manage their own business processes, reporting, integrations, and custom data requirements. Also, because they don’t have to involve IT in the process, business users can respond to change faster than ever.


The smartest way to make business decisions.

You need to accomplish a critical task to complete an important project. The deadline looms, but you’re stuck. You can't find the essential information, access the right tool, or complete the necessary data analysis. Sound familiar? Making important decisions based on gut feeling is no way to conduct business. That’s why our suite of enterprise applications allows you to collect and use data for fact-based decision-making easily.


Close the gap from a-ha! to action.

Xyntax brings analytics to the point of action. Every report and analytic is based on who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. You can view information around critical processes or tasks and then take immediate action in Xyntax without having to switch systems. With Xyntax, reports and analytics are simple to build, simple to deploy, and simple to use. The bottom line: actionable analytics improve the productivity of your workforce and enable better, more informed decisions.



Reliable and Secure

Safety from the start.

Since day one, protecting the security and privacy of our customers’, and our customers’, customers’ has been a priority for Xyntax. We continually implement robust technical and organizational security controls to ensure your data is safe. Also, our global data protection program is founded on strict policies and procedures regarding access, use, disclosure, and transfer of customer data.


Keep your information safe.

At Xyntax, we’ve built and continually update rigorous safeguards into every product and process. Our proven approach ensures the highest security and integrity of customer data and protects against security threats or data breaches.


Co-location in top-tier data centres.

Xyntax selects the most secure and reliable data-centre providers as partners. We provision our disaster recovery sites with infrastructure equivalent to that in our production sites. This assures we can reliably failover with minimal disruption and data loss for our customers.


Delivering a reliable experience.

You expect your enterprise applications to be available whenever you need them. Not a problem. From the beginning, we designed the Xyntax with reliability in mind. As a result, Xyntax has delivered 99.9% uptime over the past two years. We even minimize planned outages.

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