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Reduce Questions and Simplify Your Audit Process


Reduce Audit Costs

Xyntax provides an extensive Xyntax Auditor's Menu. A one-stop shop, for various auditing and administrative programs within Xyntax. This menu, allows your auditor (once authorized) to connect directly into your Xyntax system via a secure remote connection. Once connected, your auditor can perform all of the same tasks and functions you can in a "read-only" mode.


Through this remote connection, you auditor will be able to complete a monthly, or yearly GL Account and Sub Account inquiry, run AP/ AR trial balances, print financial reports, and even view supporting documentation attached directly to financial transactions all from their offices, saving you time and money on the audit.


If your accountant requests an electronic copy of your accounting records, you can use your Xyntax software to create a comma-separated text file that can be read by most third-party programs including CaseWare®, a software package that is popular among auditors and accounting professionals. The file that is created through the export process will contain your company information, account information, and journal entries. Everything your auditor needs to complete your financial auditor quickly and accurately.

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Windows 10 (8, 7, Vista) or Newer.

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