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Remove Barriers​

Integrated Case Managment 

The First Nations Income Assistance program has existed relatively unchanged for almost 50 years, and has not kept pace with the changing needs of the country's aboriginal youth and growing First Nation population. While approximately only 20% of First Nations delivering Income Assistance currently provide some additional case management support, First Nations utilizing Xyntax can now more easily identify 18- to 24-year-olds who can work, and who require training to access available jobs.


Xyntax’s Enhanced Service Delivery (XyntaxESD™) module is the next generation in First Nation Case Management Software.


As an integrated component to the Xyntax Income Assistance module, XyntaxESD adds additional functionality to make your case management files are more accessible. Caseworkers can create detailed reports, quickly identifying 18- to 24-year-olds recipients, and create actionable plans to remove barriers to employment. All reports produce in Xyntax are built in compliance with regulatory bodies and can be customized further to suit the specific needs of your First Nation and or organization.


First Nations case-workers using XyntaxESD module will have access to a broad range of easy-to-use, and integrated tools aimed at increasing their youth’s employability, all the while supporting them as they exit income assistance, and move into the workforce.

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