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Integrated Recipient Tracking

The Xyntax® Income Assistance (XyntaxIA™) module, is the next generation in First Nation dedicated Social Development software. Using the very latest in system security, and integration algorithms, Xyntax seamlessly automates integration between all Xyntax modules. Providing case-workers with a complete administrative software solution without time-consuming spreadsheets or error-prone manual number crunching.


Integration using Xyntax means that:


  • Seamless integration with all other Xyntax software products for optimum control and efficiencies.

  • ‘Pay-to’ functionality allows for payments to be issued, and tracked, on-behalf-of clients to third-party vendors.

  • Process payments via cheque, direct deposit and or purchase order.

  • Perform ‘Income Verifications’ to check across all Departments, and all Companies for unreported client income prior to payment processing.

  • Print detailed statistical and supplemental reports based upon yearly, quarterly or month-to-date regulatory reporting requirements.

In order to surpass compliance standards, XyntaxIA has the ability to easily facilitate the attachment of critical social development documentation (i.e., Case Notes, Case Plans, Application Forms, Employment Readiness Assessment Forms, Utility Bills, etc.) directly to each client. With your statistics now more readily accessible, caseworkers can create detailed reports based upon yearly, quarterly or month-to-date requirements and quickly identify barriers to employment and develop personalized plans to help address those barriers. All reports are built in compliance with regulatory bodies and can be customized further to suit the specific needs of your First Nation.

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Features & Benefits

  • System Integration with other Xyntax modules (GL, AP, AR, PR, PO, Membership).

  • Customize Provincial B&D forms.

  • Generate Temporary, Continuing, WOP, COPH, GFA and Other B&D type forms.

  • Unique Laser Forms for B&D and Month-End reporting.

  • Caseworker appointment scheduler.

  • Xyntax Quickpay™ for expedited cheque processing.

  • Pay to feature for housing rental and utility billings.

  • Client Payment by cheque, direct deposit or Purchase Orders.

  • Split and incremental payment processing to client.

  • Recurring payments for continuing Clients.

  • Xyntax LaserChek™ with Direct Electronic Funds Transfer (DEFT option).

  • Child (or Spouse) Irregularity Reporting.

  • NCBS reporting (monthly or quarterly).

  • Enhanced security and tracking system.

  • Client Income verification across all departments within Nation.

  • Utilize DoculinX™ to attach, scanned electronic documents directly to client files with Income Assistance (i.e., copies of PhotoID, applications, utility bills, medical documentation, etc.).

Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 10 (8, 7, Vista) or Newer.

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