Data Backup 

Secure, Automated Off-Site Data Backup 

Disaster Contingency

First Nations serious about protecting their financial data cannot afford to wait until disaster strikes. Our automated process means your remote backups are scheduled, consistent, and your data is secure.

At Xyntax, we protect your financial data with redundant backups utilizing industry leading safeguards. We recognize the importance of data protection and go to great lengths to protect your data both on and off-site.

Key Benefits

Increased Business Resilience---Protect you business processes against disasters, system failure, fire, theft and vandalism with an solution the meets demanding recovery objectives.

Reduced Risk---Reduce the risk associated with on-site backups while meeting the most

stringent information protection requirements of regulatory agencies or auditing groups.

Improve Uptime and Availability---Implement a comprehensive strategy to ensure continuity of essential services, (Payroll, Social Assistance, etc.)

Competitive Pricing---Xyntax’s Business Continuity Services provide an affordable solution that will save you thousands of dollars on costly service disruption.

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