Disaster Recovery

Business Resumption in Minutes

Emergency Remote Server Access

In the event of a catastrophic hardware failure or a unforeseen natural disaster, years of critical financial data could be lost. Without regular off-site data backups, fire, flood, theft, sabotage can easily destroy both the computer and your on-site backups. The Xyntax Remote Backup Service is designed specifically for clients who require their financial data backed up and moved off-site automatically. Rest assured in the fact that all of the critical data on your server is being consistently preserved and protected with Xyntax’s Remote Backup Service.

Upon subscribing, all your data files will be stored in a separate centralized backup server located at Xyntax offices. Our automated process means your backups are scheduled and consistent so your lost data risk is minimal. This service is offered to augment your current on-site backup procedure, not to replace it.

Features & Benefits

  •  Mission Critical Data stored off-site.

  •  Automatic Backup completed nightly.

  •  Backup DVDís stored in Bank Vault.

  •  Secure and Reliable with no maintenance costs.

  •  Easy file and data restoration.

  •  Remote Access for Disaster Recovery.

  •  Backup Statistical Reports e-mailed monthly.

Why are off-site backups important?

If your backup is destroyed along with the computer it was backing up, then you will have wasted every dollar and every minute you ever spent on data backups up until that point. Years of critical financial data will have been lost.

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