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Integrated Statistics

​When it comes to First Nation children, and families in need, services are often comprehensive, and complicated. The Xyntax® Child Welfare (XyntaxCW™) system, a component of the Xyntax® Accounts Payable module, provides accurate expenditure tracking agencies require in order to provide comprehensive services children, youth, and families need.

First Nation Child and Family Service agencies face a number of complex and unique challenges. XyntaxCW greatly increases the type of statistical data collected and stored from each account payable transaction. By collecting additional and critical information that is not normally collected by generic accounts payable systems, information collected through Xyntax system can now be queried for subsequent departmental specific reports.

XyntaxCW is an integrated health and wellness solution that helps First Nation Child and Family Services agencies monitor children from foster care, adoptive services and beyond. XyntaxCW will help you not only manage, but really understand whether or not your programs and services are working.

Highlighted Features

Enhanced Privacy Protection and Security

Eliminate unauthorized inquires or entries. Control who has access, and what they have access to. Robust security and proprietary encryption ensure the privacy and confidentiality of client information; while in the background, the system tracks who did it, and who they did it to.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Choose from over a dozens of standard reports, plus our XyntaxRW™ tool enables building of custom, ad hoc, type reports. Query specific data, and showcase your outcomes to your community with stunning (built-in) reports.

Track Expenditures On-behalf-of Members

Ever wonder how much it costs to deliver services to First Nations children at risk? Integration with XyntaxAP™ means you’re able to pay, track, and report on payments “paid-to”, or either “on-behalf-of” both band members and suppliers.

Key Benefits
  • Fully integrated with all applicable Xyntax modules.

  • Utilize DoculinX™ to attach, scanned electronic documents directly to client files within Child Welfare (i.e., legal, medical documents, and supporting documents).

Child Welfare

Safeguard "At Risk" Children and Families

Implementing INEXSUITE

We're with you - step by step.

Moving to a new Finance and Administration software suite doesn't have to be a daunting and risky initiative. Explore the process of onboarding and implementation, and learn how INEXSUITE ensures you're set up for success. 

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