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The INEXSUITE Advantage

Our broad range of easy-to-use, integrated, financial management solutions are created specifically for Indigenous governments and organizations. Our commitment to community impact, user experience, and privacy is based upon a shared vision of Indigenous self-determination and a sustainable future. 
User Experience

Simple, integrated solutions designed for the way you work. 

INEXSUITE offers a broad range of easy-to-use, integrated, financial management solutions;  allowing you and your team to focus on the things that matter, like doing good work. 


INEXSUITE centralizes your community and band membership records so that changes to personal information are recorded once, in one location, and systematically updated — eliminating time-consuming, redundant, data entry. INEXSUITE's unified platform allows you to seamlessly share all data between modules and navigate between different areas of the system as your needs demand.


INEXSUITE is simple, intuitive, and built for the way you work.  We believe that technology should deeply engage people, not just solve business problems. 


INEXSUITE embraces a single code line and continuous development model.  We release a new version of the platform every week, enabling us to respond quickly to customer requests, adapt to change, and enable you to take advantage of innovations much faster than the traditional, complicated upgrade process.


We understand that business Isn't always conducted from 9 to 5 or in the office, so we invest significant resources to ensure that our customers have immediate access to the information and tools they require,  when and how they require it.  

Community Impact

Technology that facilitates positive change

Immediate access to the information, tools and resources you need to make informed decisions and better serve your communities and peoples. 


INEXSUITE has been developed with your needs in mind, providing you with the resources you need to move forward towards your goals and provide value to your members. 


INEXSUITE is designed to help you find essential information, access the right tool, or complete the necessary data analysis so that you can make informed decisions.  


Actionable analytics improve the productivity of your workforce and enable better, more informed decisions. INEXSUITE reports and analytics are simple to build, simple to deploy, and simple to use. 


Our customers play a significant role in the development of our products and services and every update contains features and functions that come directly from customer suggestions.

Security and Privacy

You're in safe hands.

Our customers have peace of mind knowing that privacy is a priority,  systems are reliable, and data is secure. 


We are committed to the security and privacy of our client's personal data and information, and the information of those businesses and individuals they serve. We implement extensive technical and organizational security controls to ensure your data is safe and build rigorous safeguards into our products, protecting client data against security threats or data breaches.


We have designed INEXSUITE with reliability in mind, minimizing planned outages and automatically updating your version and data to the latest release, eliminating downtime due to upgrades. 

Data Recovery

You can rest assured that your data is backed up and recoverable. INEXSUITE provisions our disaster recovery sites with infrastructure equivalent to that in our production sites, ensuring that we can reliably failover with minimal disruption and data loss for our customers. 


Implementing INEXSUITE

We're with you - step by step.

Moving to a new Finance and Administration software suite doesn't have to be a daunting and risky initiative. Explore the process of onboarding and implementation, and learn how INEXSUITE ensures you're set up for success. 

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