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Control Expenditures, Both in the Office and on the Road

Manage and maintain solid financial controls without being ‘chained’ to the office. The Xyntax® Electronic Requisitions (XyntaxER™) module, allows the remote authorization for expenditures whether you’re in the office or out on the road. Designed to control and manage expenditure requests from First Nation departments while organizing and streamlining the approval process.

Using Xyntax’s internal requisition system for either Purchase Orders or cheques, user expenditure requests create automatic internal or external e-mail approval notifications to authorized personnel. Users defined over budget tolerances divert expense requests to the appropriate department head or counsellor for approval, all the while maintaining a complete audit trail for later review.

Highlighted Features

Requisitions Approval via Email or Smartphone
Signing authorities can approve or deny both cheque and purchase order requisitions off-site, reducing the number of employees to be granted authorization power. You can leave the office without wondering what’s being purchased without your knowledge.

Integration with Xyntax Housing & Asset Management
Purchases of capital assets may be identified at the time of requisition, which then flows through the approval process to the time of purchase, automatically updating the Xyntax Housing & Asset Management module. Duplicate entry of asset-related transactions is eliminated.

Mass Approval/Denial of Requisitions
Mass approve/deny from a single screen. Requisitions can be selected individually or by the group, and once approved, quickly converted into purchase orders.

Key Benefits
  • System Integration with other Xyntax modules (GL, AP, PO).

  • Manual or template requisition creation.

  • Organized and streamlined capital spending approval process.

  • Individual or bulk approval process.

  • Automatic e-mail notifications for AFEs within user-defined over budget tolerance.

  • Online and report review of budget to actual comparisons.

  • Optional electronic signature with approval verification.

  • Optional electronic supplier invoice submission.

  • Quick to deploy, easy to learn, and simple to use.

  • Multiple delivery methods - optional automated emailing of completed Purchase Orders.

  • Utilize DoculinX™ to attach, scanned electronic documents directly to budgets (i.e., excel spreadsheets, supporting documentation, etc.).

Electronic Requisitions

Payments and Purchase Orders

Implementing INEXSUITE

We're with you - step by step.

Moving to a new Finance and Administration software suite doesn't have to be a daunting and risky initiative. Explore the process of onboarding and implementation, and learn how INEXSUITE ensures you're set up for success. 

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