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No More Carbon Copies

The Xyntax® Purchase Order (XyntaxPO™) module, uses very latest in system integration algorithms to directly link with both the Xyntax® General Ledger and Account Payable modules. This provides administration and department managers with up-to-date information on committed or encumbered funds and provides management with the necessary insight into current and forecasted budgetary requirements.

Using commitment based accounting, XyntaxPO assists management with real-time expenditure control and cash requirement forecasting. Also known as Encumbrance Accounting, commitment accounting allows the posting of expenses before the collection of the underlying documents such as invoices, and before those committed funds are paid out. This allows the financial records to reflect the allocation of budgetary resources when they are committed instead of when they are paid out, providing financial information earlier than “budget to actual” reports and preventing budget overruns.

Highlighted Features

Integration with Xyntax Housing & Asset Management
Purchases of capital assets may be identified at time of order, which then flows through the approval process to the time of purchase, automatically updating the Xyntax Housing & Asset Management module. Duplicate entry of asset-related transactions is eliminated.

Key Benefits
  • Fully integrated with all applicable Xyntax modules.

  • "Committed" accounting with budget checking for better control of expenditures.

  • Budget checking based on monthly, quarterly or year-to-date configuration.

  • PO templates to reduce data entry on recurring PO’s.

  • Predefined Purchase Order codes for redundant ordering.

  • Xyntax PO Laser Forms with fax or auto email feature.

  • 'Pay-on-behalf' of feature for Band Members or Project expenditure allocation.

  • Utilize DoculinX™ to attach, scanned electronic documents directly to Purchase Orders (i.e., quotes, correspondence, supporting documentation, etc.).

Purchase Orders

Effectively Manage Commitments

Implementing INEXSUITE

We're with you - step by step.

Moving to a new Finance and Administration software suite doesn't have to be a daunting and risky initiative. Explore the process of onboarding and implementation, and learn how INEXSUITE ensures you're set up for success. 

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