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Xyntax proudly honours Indigenous ownership with our new brand.

Today, on National Indigenous Peoples Day, we are excited to celebrate our Indigenous identity with the launch of our new brand. Our brand reflects our Indigenous ownership, change in leadership and vision for the future.

Why now?

Xyntax was founded in 1984 to provide Indigenous governments and organizations with an integrated financial and administrative management system that addresses many of the unique requirements of Indigenous governments. While that is as true today as it was 37 years ago, Xyntax has evolved and expanded over the years to meet the changing needs of our communities.

When Xyntax became a wholly-owned Indigenous company in August 2020, President and CEO, Dharmesh Makwana, recognized that Xyntax was more than a software development company. He believed that our path should be guided by our cultural values and struggles, and our vision driven by our purpose - to facilitate Indigenous self-determination through strong financial and administrative management.

We feel that now is the right time for our brand to reflect this new and right direction.

The new logo

Our new logo, featuring the Coast Salish Sun by artist Joe Wilson, honours our identity and pride as an Indigenous company.

“The sun is a source of energy and life. Many legends and traditions among the Coast Salish People speak of interaction with the Sun. The dynamic use of colour speaks to the active properties of the Sun, while the rays show balance and harmony. The energy from the Sun cuts through the west coast fog and cloud to bring growth to the magnificent rainforests that cover the land.” - Joe Wilson

Our logo conveys our vision to support indigenous self-determination and our commitment to work as one to lift up our communities, improve lives through co-innovation, and work with heart - mindful of our cultural teachings and the universal values that bind humanity.

The new website

Our new website offers a warm and engaging design, easy-to-use navigation, and quick access to essential information and support. It was developed with the future in mind, allowing us to effortlessly share new products and services as they become available. Our website is compatible across most platforms, and renders seamlessly for desktop as well as mobile devices.

Introducing INEXSUITE

Xyntax's financial and administrative management software system has a new name and a new product logo!

As the cornerstone of Xyntax, developed exclusively for Indigenous governments and administrations, several months went into creating the name, wordmark, and message for our software suite. We knew that:

  • To accommodate our future goals, we needed to shift away from using the company name as our product name.

  • Our clients were seeking something simpler and shorter than the previous name (Xyntax Systems Administrative and Financial Management Solutions for First Nations).

  • We needed to reflect our origin story as a system designed exclusively for Indigenous communities.

  • And we wanted to position ourselves to include future innovations in products and services.

Our wordmark was designed to incorporate distinctive X from the original Xyntax systems logo, while remaining consistent with the new Xyntax Group logo.

What's next?

Over the next few weeks we will be updating our social media, communications, and materials to reflect our new look as we roll out our new branding and messaging. In the meantime, explore our new website and keep an eye out for exciting things to come!


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