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Staff Spotlight: Brenda Brown

We caught up with client success associate Brenda Brown who has been working with Xyntax since November 2021. Brenda was born in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, and is a proud Cree First Nation woman. With her strong background in accounting, she came to work for us out of her desire to help First Nations with our integrated financial and administration management software system specifically built for Indigenous governments and organizations.

Brenda discovered accounting in grade 9 and continued with her education in the following years, attending University of Saskatchewan and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. She holds a CAFM from the Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada.

Brenda has lived all over British Columbia as well as Saskatchewan and now Alberta, Alberta being her favourite. She has also travelled to Tofino:

“Loved this place! I could sit at the ocean and just enjoy the beauty and the eagles.”

Brenda has also been to Vegas many times as she loves the city and the atmosphere; it’s one of her favourite places. She has also been to Seattle to visit the graves of Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee and also did a road trip from Vancouver to San Francisco to Los Angeles to enjoy the scenery and ocean.

In her down time, Brenda loves being at home with her husband and taking care of their acreage, horses, dogs, cats, and garden. She loves to cook and values her time with family and friends as well as enjoying outings to the casino and eating delicious food. Brenda is passionate about animals (dogs, cats, and horses) and was a volunteer at the SPCA and spay and neuter clinics.

Some little-known things about Brenda: she had once aspired to be a veterinarian but could not handle animals that were in pain and also got accepted into the RCMP but found the thought of handling criminals scary.

Brenda’s inspiration for her career path was Chief Clarence Louie from Osoyoos Indian Band. She deeply admires his focus on economic development to achieve self-sufficiency and his strong work ethic. Brenda attended a conference he was speaking at and has always kept his wise words top of mind:

“I can’t stand people who are late.”

“My first rule for success is Show up on time.”

“My second rule for success is follow Rule #1.”

Wise words indeed! If you have any questions or need assistance with our software system, do not hesitate to contact us at to discuss how client success associates like Brenda can address your needs.


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